Saturday, December 01, 2007


Hello. I love music and everything about it. You could call me an audiophile - always searching for new music to listen to and share with others.

I started this blog to make my experiences with music available to friends and family, and more importantly to share ideas and information on music with other audiophiles sailing the internet sea.

There are many ways you can help me make this blog worth its time and efforts -

1. Send me a link to your music blog. This will help you get some traffic, if not anyone else but me. You can send that to or just comment on a post and I'm sure I will check out your blog.

2. Send me some bands that you recommend I check out to or comment on a post. Chances are if you are talking about it on your blog I will have already started my exploration. Typically I check all blogs I recommend once a day.

3. If you have a band and would like me to check out your music and possibly post something please email me at Please stick to email on this one, as I don't want this blog to become a billboard.