Friday, August 29, 2008

Friday Rumor Mill

The Pixies may reunite for new album

In an interview with NME Black Franices said -

It's just a waiting game right now....Whatever we do in the future is gonna have to be fresh. I have to see if the band as a whole wants to go into the recording studio for a new record...That makes sense on some level. For us, there's gotta be an angle. It can't be just playing our old songs over and over."

Muse working on new album

In an interview with BBC radio6 Muse drummer Dominic Howard said -

"We're working on new stuff and we're gonna have a couple of weeks off and then in about two weeks time we're back out to Italy to start writing again...We've already done a few tracks and it sounds great, so we're just working towards the future."

Release for new album from The Cure

According to The Cure will release their long-awaited new studio album, entitled "4:13 Dream", on October 13, 2008.

Coldplay already making plans for new album in 2009

According to Coldplay is already planning to release their latest album in 2009.

Sonic Youth back in studio

In a lengthy article Rolling Stone reports that the band is back together recording. The band will be parting ways with Geffen Records and once again going indie for more freedom.


Andy Kissner said...

i could never get into sonic youth

The Captain said...

Me neither. Because I was a huge Nirvana fan and the bands had a connection I tried as hard as I could to like them, but to no avail.