Friday, September 12, 2008

Album Review: Emilíana Torrini - Me and Armini

Emiliana Torrini has just dethroned Lykke Li for indie female vocalist of 2008 (in the Captain's mind anyway). This Icelandic gem released her 7th album this week titled "Me and Armini," an absolute masterpiece.

This is not the ideal music for long trips going 20 miles over the speed limit sucking on a Red Bull to keep your eyes open (not that I've done this). This is, however, the perfect album to listen to in deep thought and meditation.

Torrini's voice is smooth and cool; a folk feel with a sensual touch. Her melodies feel like lullaby's hypnotizing the listener. Her lyrics are powerful, each describing an experience and bringing it to life.

The music changes throughout the album - the bluesy "Fireheads," the psychedelic "Jungle Drums," and the dirty "Gun" work together to form a collage of sound. Within many of the songs are powerful bridges that mesmerize. The song "Birds" with Torrini humming a beautiful melody with a pinch of chorus behind her. "Hear It All Before" features oohs and aahs to the hard beat of a trap set.

Do yourself a favor and listen to this album.

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Allan said...

I'll check her out.