Monday, September 15, 2008

Album Review: Wovenhand - Ten Stones

When I began listening to track 1 "The Beautiful Axe" my anticipation grew. I am a fan of UK's Editors, and Wovenhand lead singer David Eugene Edwards voice was comparable to Editors' front man Tom Smith. But the comparison becomes a stretch after track 1. So why would I even bring the comparison up? I don't really know.

Wovenhand is the once solo project now actual band of Edwards, also guitarist and singer of 16 Horsepower. The music could be classified as dark folk, anything but contemporary Christian music. Edwards voice is rough and masculine with a slight country twang as he rattles of his voice of warning. He is backed by mellow music with a lot of reverb.

Overall, I did not enjoy the album. It is not bad, but it doesn't register with my music taste buds. A few songs that stood out for their creativity and weirdness were "The Beautiful Axe" and "White Knuckle Grip." A side from these two I found the album dull and boring. Maybe my spiritual senses are weak and hell awaits me.

Maybe I am not in harmony with Edwards' style. If this is the case, please let me know.

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