Sunday, September 07, 2008

New Music Poll

It could be worse! You could be scrubbin' the deck, mate.


Allan said...

Okkervil River's The Stand Ins and Chad VanGaalen's Soft Airplane.

Music Guru said...

OK... I am most excited about "Locksley - Don't Make Me Wait", but I am also strangely intrigued by "Born Again Floozies - Street Music: 13 Rebellions and a Song of Consolation"... oh yeah... and Dora the Explorer's new album drops Tuesday as well... aren't we all looking forward to that? (hehe)

T.O. Snob said...

I'd have to say the Okkervil River was the most anticipated.

However, I'm most interested in Portastatic's 44-track b-sides release.