Monday, September 22, 2008

Recommended Artist: Johnny Foreigner

I was linked to this band from Chewing Gum For Ears review of their debut album.

Bio from their myspace page -

hello this is the ongoing interactive story of johnny foreigner. there are 3 of us, we come from birmingham, we dont go out too much and we have a tendency to overcompensate. we write noisy pop songs for people what like the same bands as we do. last year we put out two 7" records on Laundrette Records. they both sold out and got played on the rah-dio and stuffs. we were pretty fucking proud. last summer we signed a proper record deal, with cone-tracts and everything, for Best Before Records. we recorded an eepee called arcs across the city at southern studios, it got mega good reviews from magazines we'd almost stopped buying and a lot more people started listening to us. we went to new york to make a proper album at the end of last year, you get to hear it in summer. so far this year we've mostly been living in a van with lea playing 5 shows a week and failing to eat healthily. we just got back from amsterdamn, there was multiple crowdsurfers but we lost our passports. we do what we can

They sound like Bloc Party in their Silent Alarm Days - a little more timid. Good stuff. Thanks Chris.

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