Thursday, August 21, 2008

Album Review: Stereolab - Chemical Chords

Stereolab baffles me. When I first listen to their albums I am turned off. I am comfortable to banish their music to the category of bad elevator music and move on. But then I listen to it a second time, a third time and I find myself oddly hooked.

"Chemical Chords" is no different. As I listen to this album I find a little musical magic on every track. The music is unlike any other indie or rock artists I have listened to. It consists of some of the weirdest synth sounds and bass lines to old seventies like melodies. The vocals are never strong and at times I find this annoying. But then I realize that it wouldn't sound like Stereolab if the vocals were strong and more prominently mixed.

This is by no means a great album, but if you are looking for something different to listen to on long road trips or when you are alone it may be worth checking out.

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