Friday, September 19, 2008

Recommended Artist: Marching Band

Marching Band is an indie pop group from Sweden consisting of Erik Sunbring and Jacob Lind. The following bio is on their website at -

Marching Band (formerly known as Second Language) is Erik Sunbring and Jacob Lind. We live together and make life hard for our other flatmates by creating music at inappropriate hours. Two bikes, one laptop, three microphones and a shameless use of other peoples instruments is the recipe for a Marching Band recording. We've have been writing songs together for 1.5 years now, and it is getting better and better. Our music is (hopefully) dynamic, hum-worthy and witty. Lately the songs tend to go in unexpected directions. If our songs puts a smile on your face and makes your life a little less dull Marching Band has completed its mission. When not recording Jacob is bidding on glockenspiels on internet auctions and Erik is trying to get some reading done without falling asleep.
The band has received several great reviews from indie publications and online blogs. You can check out their music at

Their music can be described as laid back smart pop. It's genuinely good music without the flash of overproduction.


Chris N said...

I'm so glad more people are discovering Marching Band. They made one of my favorite albums so far this year!

Corinna said...

Interesting to know.