Monday, October 06, 2008

Myspace Mondays - Young and Brave

This week's featured band hails from Dallas, Texas. Young and Brave, self proclaimed Indie Americana, features two vocalists - Jon McKnight and Sarah Lynn Fisher. The band works together to provide a great balance of sound and tempo.

Songs Arms and Giant feature McKnight singing to upbeat instrumentation. His voice gives both songs an indie rock flavor. On You'll Never Get Out and No Sympathy the band brings down the tempo and is led by the beautiful voice of Fisher. Throughout, multi-instrumentalist Matt Shasteen adds depth and variation to the band's overall sound playing lead guitar, various synth instruments and a xylophone.

Their myspace page features 4 studio recorded songs and 2 live performances. Heavy in talent and potential I recommend you check Young and Brave out!

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TheBeat said...

okay. i'm going to check them out. i think they're pretty interesting.